One place triggers the memory of another, already travelled;
both instants stay on the page as a photograph and as a sentence.

Lina Dorado & Luis Cantillo

About the book

The book unfolds as a long single stripe of photographs in one side and
text in the other. Each page, constitutes a stop along different places
from diverse countries.

As a whole it reads both as a proposed route for a journey, and a
collection of memories that each place triggered in the travelers. All are
documented testimonies of actual locations, single images thread
together in the form of renga-like texts (Japanese style poems) and

This artist-book marks the first decade of collaborative work between
Lina Dorado and Luis Cantillo.

Book details

Unpaginated, accordian fold artist's book with 22 color plates. 8vo, cloth
in a slipcase. Self-Published in collaboration with Taller Arte Dos Grafico,
Bogotá, 2004. Signed and numbered in an edition of 1,000
Size: 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 x 3/4 inches. Bilingual edition.
Collections: Museum of Modern Art, NY; Whitney Museum of American Art,
New York Public Library and University of Wisconsin.

About the Artists

Lina Dorado and Luis Cantillo and are two artists working on
collaboration since 1994. Their work attempts to address the visual
impossibility of capturing the sense of faraway places while questioning
the notions of the familiar and the foreign.

They studied Fine Arts at the National University in Bogotá and then at
Saint Martins College of Art in London. They currently live and work in
New York, where Lina is a candidate for the MFA in Film at Columbia
University and Luis just finished an MFA in Computer Art at the School
of Visual Arts.

Recent exhibitions include: Doble Vista, Galería Diners (solo exhibition),
Bogotá, 2004; Field of Depth (Curated by: Carlos Motta) Latin Collector
New York; Urbes Interiores (Curated by Jose Roca) Biblioteca Luis Angel
Arango; Errancias (Curated by Jairo Valenzuela) Centro Cultual Comfandi,
Cali, 2004; Still Life (Curated by: Ann Gallagher and José Ignacio Roca),
Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogotá, 2003; more...

Dorado & Cantillo projects
Taller Arte Dos Gráfico, Bogotá
Printed Matter, New York
Booklyn, New York


Cover, book and index.

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