By: Lina Dorado and Luis Cantillo
Music: Sebastian Cruz

B&W, 6 min, Stereo, 2005


At two in the morning on a day like today a man and a
woman leave their homes in the highlands and start running.
Watch their lives unfold in real time and glimpse, for a brief
moment, the curious links between the Andes and the Himalayas.
Based on a true story.


Alliance Francaise Bogota - World Premier
Brooklyn International Film Festival - US Premier
(5th of June, 2005)
Independents Film Festival, Tampa, Florida, USA
Viper Video and New Media Festival, Basel, Switzerland

2006 Best Fine Art Prize, New Screen TV Awards, Orlando, FL, USA


Lina Dorado and Luis Cantillo are two artists working on collaboration
since 1994, their multimedia art practice includes video
installations, photography, film, drawing and books. Their work
attempts to reveal the visual impossibility of capturing the sense of
faraway places while questioning the notions of the familiar and the
Their work has been shown internationally: Alliance Française, Bogotá
(Colombia); Airborne, Midlanda Kunsthall, Timra (Sweden); Iniva,
London (UK); Latin Collector, New York (USA); 16 Filmwinter, Stuttgart
(Germany); File 2002, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Galerie d'Aurel (France);
BLAA (Colombia); Gallery Rocket, Tokyo (Japan); Galeria Diners, Bogotá
(Colombia), Museo de Arte UN, Bogotá (Colombia).
Authors of books: "Drawing Only" published by Villegas Editores (2001)
and "Second Sight" published by Taller Arte Dos (2004) part of the
artist book collection of MoMA and Whitney Museum in New York.
The animation "Poporo" (2004) won first prize at the Interamerican
Biennial of Video Art and it is currently displayed at the Gold Museum
in Bogotá Colombia.
Lina and Luis are graduates of Saint Martins College of Art (London),
Luis completed his MFA in Computer Art at SVA and Lina is a candidate
for the MFA Film at Columbia University in New York.